Programme 2023

Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Welcome and introduction to the seminar

Afternoon Venue: Brasserie Ganymed

Introduction to the seminar and the programme (17:00)

Kjell Terje Ringdal

Lillian Olsen

Why Berlin, and why now?

Professor Peter Brandt, son of Willy Brandt, gives us an introduction to the need for solidarity and collaboration in Europe based on a historical perspective.

Berlin - The dark past and the key to the future of Europe

Author Torgrim Eggen gives his first introduction to Berlin based on the book “Berlin - Det 20 århundrets hovedstad”.

Fostering good citizens - the German way from a scandinavian perspective

Lotta Lundberg, Svenska Dagbladet's correspondent to Berlin

Wednesday 31st of May 2023

Adaptation to global realities: Berlin, Germany and EU from a diplomatic perspective

Venue: The Nordic Embassies' complex in Berlin

A Norwegian outlook to Berlin, Germany and Europe (10:00/bus departs at 9:00)

Norway's Ambassador to Germany Laila Stenseng and her staff will give us an up to date brief from a diplomatic perspective.

Lunch (12:00 at Pestana)

Venue: Pestana Hotel across the road from the The Nordic Embassies' complex in Berlin

Bridging the US with Europe - Transatlantic collaboration in difficult times (13:00)

Moderated by Paul Chaffey

CEO Julia Friedlander of Atlantik-Brücke on why the collaboration between Germany, Europe and the US is a decisive factor for global order and stability. She will also cover sanctions and geopolitical strategies.

Head of the Center for Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Technology at German Council on Foreign Relations Dr. Claudia Schmucker, on the economic situation and strategic the role of trade agreements for Europe.

Paul Chaffey in conversation with Julia Friedlander and Dr. Claudia Schmucker.


Diplomatic outlook: Panel discussion with  the American Embassy and the German Foreign Ministry on the transatlantic collaboration

Short introduction from each panel participant, followed by a discussion moderated by Paul Chaffey.

  • Mr. Ian Campbell, Minister Counselor for Political Affairs, U.S. Mission Germany
  • Ms. Cherrie Daniels, Minister Counselor, Head of Cultural Affairs, U.S. Mission Germany
  • Mr. Marcus Hicken, Deputy Director General for Foreign energy policy, climate and security at the German Foreign Ministry

Final remarks from Julia Friedlander and Dr. Claudia Schmucker.

Round Table Reflection The Berlin Seminar Dinner Party

Speakers and panelists join the participants for reflections and discussions.

Bus from Prestana to the The Private Roof Club, leaves at 17.15

Evening Venue: The Private Roof Club in Friedrichshain

The Berlin Seminar Dinner Party (18.00)

Participants, speakers and friends of the Berlin seminar gather for drinks, dinner and good conversations overlooking Spree.

Thursday 1st of June 2023

Venue: Melia Hotel (across the street from Leonardo)

Norwegian image through the ambassadors eyes

Moderated by Paul Chaffey

From idealism to realism (9:00)

Former German Ambassador to Norway and CEO of the Willy Brandt Stiftung Dr Axel Berg

Field trip: Behind the scenes of of a mega train station - Berlin Hauptbahnhof (10:00)

Across from the hotel is Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The crossing point between Europe, and the link between east and west. Deutche Bahns project manager will introduce us to, and take us behind the scenes of the impressive designs of Hamburg architects Gerkan, Marg & Partners. The station is capable of receiving more than 1,500 daily trains and 25,000 passengers.

Lunch (12:00)

Pressing issues climate security and energy

Moderated by Paul Chaffey and Jens Festervoll

A sustainable and safe green energy transformation (13:00)

Germany’s goal of climate neutrality by 2045  calls on a massive transformation.The window of opportunity to reach climate goals  is shrinking. Structural changes will be needed to take the path to the 1.5-degree limit. Arne Müller from Bellona Deutschland Johannes Schroeten from Stiftung Klima Wirtschaft gives an overview of the German energy situation and explains its systemic challenges - how the grid, electrification, hydrogen, wind power and Carbon Capture and Storage play together. How is the German industry preparing for the shift, and just as importantly how is the civil society, unions and NGOs onboard the huge transformation in front of them?


The Norway perspective on energy, security and collaboration

Talks will be followed by short introductions facilitated by Paul Chaffey and Jens Festervoll.

Statkraft: Senior Vice President, Politics and Ownership Julie Wedege

Equinor: Project Manager Low Carbon Solutions Ulrik Olbjørn

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI): Director of the Innovation and Industrial Development Hanne Marit Bjørk

Norwegian Armed Forces: Colonel Bjørn Gaute Herlyng

Round Table Reflection

Speakers and panelists join the participants for reflections and discussions.

Gabriel Fauré, Richard Wagner and César Franck

Evening venue: Philharmonie Berlin (buss leaves at 17:15)

Conductor Daniel Barenboim and Mezzosopran Elīna Garanča

Solo Hornist Stefan Dohr will give us an introduction to the inner life of the powerhouse Philharmonie Berlin. Afterwards will be invited to the big auditorium to enjoy classical masterpieces written by Gabriel Fauré, Richard Wagner and César Franck.

Friday 2nd of June 2023

A people centered transformation - economy, democracy and climate

Morning venue: Leonardo hotel

Moderated by Paul Chaffey

The winds are changing; defense and politics in a new light (9:00)

Former American Ambassador to Norway and Secretary of the Navy and professor II at Kristiania University College Kenneth Braithwaite, Former Norwegian Military Attaché to Berlin and Colonel Bjørn Herlyng and Vice president Patrick Keller from Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik explain defense, politics and industrial collaboration in a new global context.

EU Green Deal - What does it really mean for Europe

Political advisor Robert Gampfer from the European Commission in Berlin gives us an insight into the European Green Deal and how it is going to influence Europe and enhance and speed up the green transformation in Europe.


How to value and measure to support a green and fair transition

Dr Dennis Görlich from The New Institute and the G20 think tank Global Solutions Initiative shares insights on how to transform our current system in a way that meets human social needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the environment?

Dialogue with the participants facilitated with the participants.

Lunch (13:00)

Walk from the hotel via Bundestag to Brandenburger Tor.

U-bahn to Neukölln and Il Kino

Afternoon and evening venue: Il Kino, Neükölln

Moderated by: Kristian Singstad Pålshaugen

Not so sustainable - how to address polarization in Europe (16:00)

Welcome to Neukölln – both one of the poorest regions in Germany as well as the hottest and most vibrant borough of Berlin. Neukölln has over the years had to tackle constant challenges around social, educational, integration and economic problems, while also being a model in use of citizen advisory boards, underground culture, in a constant balance between inclusion and gentrification. Introduction by City Councillor Martin Hikel.

We play green

The football family is by far the largest population in the world. It connects more than half the planet despite geographical, cultural, religious, and social differences. If we can get a quarter of the football family onboard the Green Shift, we are close to being saved. If we get the majority onboarded, the future will be bright again. Espen Thorsby explains the power of football in the green shift.

A century of German sin-ema

Introduction to the rise of the early German film industryTorgrim Eggen


Reflections and learnings facilitated by Kristian Singstad Pålshaugen


Party, party, party…

Farewell party at Il Kino

Saturday 3rd of June 2023

Breakfast and Good byes

Bus to the Airport


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